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Interior Reconditioning

Leather Repair

Refurbishing damaged leather seats not only enhances its appearance and comfort, it boosts the overall value of your vehicle.

Rip/Tear/Burn Repair

Our experts are on hand for all your rip, tear and burn repair tasks, whether your vehicle interior is leather, vinyl, plastic or cloth.

Vehicle Plastic/Vinyl Repair

Restoring vehicle vinyl and plastic is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to replacement.

Vehicle Carpet Repair and Replacement

Over time, carpets become worn and damaged. When this happens, our experts can work with you to provide all the options.

Vehicle Headliner Replacement

Unlike the seat material in your vehicle, the headliner is not designed to withstand much in the way of wear and tear.

Vehicle Odour Removal

Our detailing technicians however, have the tools, materials and expertise to work out any extreme odour you may encounter.