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Accident Repair

Accident Repair

What to Do When an Accident Happens

If you've been in an accident, it is important to:

  1. Stay calm. Check to ensure there are no serious injuries.
  2. Collect insurance information from all parties involved. Take a photo of the vehicle, license plate and accident scene.
  3. Ask witnesses to stay until police arrive.
  4. File a collision report with the police.
  5. Contact your insurance company. Provide accident details you collected at the scene.
  6. Bring your vehicle to Dilawri Collision Centre for repairs.

What We Do.

Many customers ask us "what exactly do you do when you repair my vehicle"? Below are the general steps associated with collision repair of modern vehicles, presented in the usual order in which they are performed.

  1. Vehicle Intake and Initial Authorization
  2. Damage Evaluation and Estimate Preparation
  3. Owner Authorization and Insurance Approvals
  4. Body Panel Removal/Correction
  5. Frame/Unibody Structural Straightening, Alignment and Repairs
  6. Mechanical Repairs (as needed)
  7. New Body Panel Fitting
  8. Vehicle Preparation for Refinishing
  9. Vehicle Refinishing
  10. Vehicle Reassembly
  11. Mechanical, Electrical & Suspension Evaluation
  12. Final Inspection and Test Drive
  13. Contact Customer

Important Information

  • Please remove all personal items from your vehicle prior to dropping off for repairs.
  • Due to limited space we cannot store all vehicles indoors overnight.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Due to the Canadian Privacy Act, Access to Your Policy and Personal Information is limited.

Deductible Information

  • Is your deductible $700.00?
  • Do you have a package policy?
  • Has the accident been reported to your Insurer?
  • Who is your Insurer, and which branch?
  • What is your Policy Number?
  • How much is your deductible?


  • Were you at fault for the accident?
  • If not, did you receive a letter from your insurer waiving the deductible?
  • You will be responsible for paying the deductible until your insurer has determined final responsibility for the accident.

Is this a Wildlife Claim?

  • Has your insurance company been made aware that the accident was due to wildlife? If so, your deductible may be waived.

Vehicle Loaner or Rental

  • Loaner vehicles and rental vehicles are available. A major credit card and valid drivers license will be required.

    Rental Vehicles

    If your Package Policy carries Loss Of Use, it may allow for a rental vehicle during the time of repair. This does not include wait time prior to appointment or late pick-ups after repairs are complete. (Rentals are limited to 100km per day). Please refill fuel to same level as it was at time of pick-up. The refill charge will be at the discretion of the Rental Company.

    Loaner Vehicle

    If you do not have a Package Policy with Loss of Use, loaners can be supplied for $10.00 per day. The number of loaner vehicles is limited. If you need one please let us know by the Thursday, a week prior to your scheduled appointment. Please refill fuel to same level as it was at time of pick-up. A refill charge of $20.00 plus the cost of fuel will be added onto the credit card if fuel is not replaced.

Betterment - Depreciated Value of Repaired Parts

  • When a part needs to be replaced as a result of damage from a collision, your insurance policy may only be responsible for the depreciated value of that part.
  • The difference between the depreciated value and the replacement cost of the part is charged to the vehicle owner and appears on the appraisal sheet as betterment.
  • NOTE: Betterment will not be charged when a recycled part is used.
  • Example: A tire on your vehicle is damaged during the collision, and the tire has 40% tread left. We will put a new tire on the vehicle, but your insurance may only pay for 40% of the new tire. You will be responsible for the other 60%.

Hidden or Extra Damage

  • During the teardown process, the body shop may find hidden or extra damage. After approval, necessary parts are ordered which can delay the completion of your vehicle.

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